Study Kits

Study Kits are sets of problems that we have curated with the help of the community. These kits focus on different topics required to ace the interview. Click on each of them get more information

The Grindin'

 Whether you are starting out or have been preparing for a while, this is a perfect study kit to assess your current skills. Touch all the topics and then master specific topics

Length: 35 days / 5 weeks

Problems: 75

Easy: 42

Mediums: 33

Pre-requisite: None

Patterns: Blind 75, Two pointers, sliding window, fast & slow pointers, merge intervals, cyclic sort, DFS, BFS, Topological sorting, Union Set, distinct ways, minimum path, decision making, palindromic subsequence

Arrays, List & Sorting

Arrays, List and sorting are the basic fundamental DS and algorithms required for you to crack your interviews. Select this study plan to strengthen your fundamentals.

Length: 15 Days

Problems: 38

Easy: 20

Pre-requisites: None

Mediums: 18

Patterns: Blind 75, Two pointers, cracking the coding interview, stack, queue, sliding window, fast & slow pointers, merge intervals & cyclic sort 

Trees & Graphs

Achieve mastery in trees and graphs. Get those traversals on the back of your hand. Make sure you brush up on those good-to-know algorithms like topological sort.

Length: 15 Days

Problems: 30

Easy: 10

Pre-requisites: comfortable solving mediums of arrays, linkedlist, sorting, and recursion.

Mediums: 20

Patterns: Blind 75, DFS, BFS, Topological sorting & Union set.

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