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Private study group

No more unanswered questions. No more large groups. We create a study group of 8-10 engineers. We match you with peers who have the same goal as you, are in same time zone and aiming for similar companies with similar timelines.


Get insights into your preparation. See your strengths and areas of weakness. See the number of problems you have solved, the time taken to solve the problems and more.

Mock interviews

Mock interviews can rapidly improve your communication skill. Every week, you will have at least 1 mock interview with your peer. And you will be provided with a comprehensive feedback on your performance.

Personalized plan

Our plan covers most important data structures, algorithms and patterns required for you to ace the technical interviews. You will get new sets of problems to constantly hone your skills. Your plan adapts to your skills.


Consistency is the key to success. We will hold you accountable through daily and weekly checkins. Your peers will hold you accountable through 15 minute stand-ups.

24/7 Support

Get your questions answered. We aim to make the study group extremely supportive.  Our moderators love to share their knowledge and help others excel in the interviews.

What others say

The patterns I've learned over the past month were immensely helpful for all my interviews. It takes out all the ambiguity of Leetcode and makes it straightforward like a computer science class.

The post on Reddit sparked my attention to getting together in a closed, like-minded group of individuals with the same goal. It has helped me crack local offers and turned up my confidence level from 3/10 to 8/10. 

The cohort kept me motivated and consistent while studying. Having a structured approach and daily check-ins pushed me to study. Thanks for everything!!

 I would not have learned at the same speed had I gone about my interview prep solo. The cohort provides belonging and I love and appreciate how we help each other and celebrate each other's accomplishments.

I got to meet several others just like me or coming from a similar situation I am from. The group ensured that I m on track with my goals and consistent with daily updates. The best part about the workshop was the community interaction.

I was looking for a motivated group to prepare for my job interviews. The cohort definitely exceeded my expectations and held me accountable with respect to my commitments.

The cohort provided a low-pressure, structured environment to level up my algorithms through consistent practice and community feedback and the live sessions provided concrete examples and proactively prep for interviews

 The active member discussions, structured learning, and live lessons provide me the accountability and resilience to dive into topics. I've improved in magnitudes with my technical interview confidence and ds/algos question pattern recognition skills. 

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