Cohort FAQ

The HOWs and the WHYs

How does the cohort work?

You will be part of a small group, all preparing for interviews. The schedule is provided below for reference. You will be working on a number of leetcode problems, reading up system design concepts and preparing for behavioural part of the interview.

What is the minimum requirement to stay in the cohort?

You are required to check-in daily to report your progress. Even if you do not make any progress, you are required to check in. You are required to maintain 80% total checking after the first 10 days. If your check-in falls below that point, you will be dropped out of the cohort. You can join future cohorts when you have more time.

Can I participate if I do not qualify or am not interested in the job with partner companies?

Yes!! You can participate in the cohort. The cost to participate is $299. If you bring in a friend, both get $20 off. If you have financial constraints, reach out to me on discord. We will make it happen one way or the other

What is the minimum time commitment?

Expect a minimum of 8 hours per week. Weekends have more work as opposed to weekdays.

How to qualify to participate in the cohort?

Our partner companies are looking for talented software engineers. If you are interested in one of those companies and if there is a match, you can participate in the cohort. You are required to interview with this company. 




Topics: Strings, Array, Linked List, Hash map

Patterns: Sliding Window, Two pointers, Fast & Slow Pointers

System Design: Multithreading

Behavioral: STAR Method



Topics: Stack, Queues, Bit operations

Patterns: Merge Intervals, In-place reversal of linked list

System Design: Client and server, Load balancers/proxy, webservers

Behavioral: Resume



Topics: Sorting

Patterns: Cyclic sort, Two Heaps, Top K elements

System Design: Authentication and Authorization, API Design

Behavioral: Ownership



Topics: Recursion, Tree

Patterns: BFS, DFS

System Design: Indexing and partitioning.

Behavioral: Curiosity



Topics: Tree, Trie and Graphs

Patterns: BFS, DFS, Trie

System Design: Row DB, ACID properties

Behavioral: Have backbone / Courage / Be direct



Topics: Graph & Bitwise

Patterns: Topological Sort, Union find

System Design: Batch Processing, Streaming

Behavioral: Innovation



Topics: Dynamic Programming

Patterns: LCS, Distinct paths, strings-dp

System Design: Text searching databases, caching and caching strategies

Behavioral: Move fast / Bias for actions



Topics: Dynamic programming, Greedy

Patterns: Minimum path, palindromic subsequence

Design Patterns: MVC, Factory pattern, IOC and Builder pattern.

Behavioral: Think Big / Live in future

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