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Upcoming Live sessions

All sessions are in PDT and happen on our discord channel
We will learn some tries and try to solve some problems
60 minutes
Factory pattern
Lets dig a bit deeper in to factory design pattern
60 minutes
Database Types
SQL, No SQL, Time series, DocumentDB - Confused which one to use when in your interviews. Tune in to learn more
60 minutes

Discord structure

Channels are organized based on topics. If you have questions on interview prep post them on #interview-help. If you have resources to share post them on #inteview-resources. If your question does not fit a category post it on #general

Live sessions are hosted on discord in #coding-lounge session. Make sure to add the live session to your calendar so as not to miss them. If you have suggestions on live sessions click the button above.

If you want to get your resume reviewed post it on #resume-review. Members of our community will provide their feedback. There are also some examples of resume format if you are looking for.

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